How to make ground chicken with meat grinder- simplest way

how to make ground chicken with meat grinder

To make ground chicken: choose fresh chicken, trim excess fat, assemble the grinder, and grind to your desired texture by creating custom blends for tastier and healthier dishes. Ground chicken offers health-conscious and delicious meal options.

Ground chicken is the finest form of chicken to make delicious recipes. Now here lies the question: How to make ground chicken with meat grinder?

To achieve the perfect texture for your ground chicken or are eager to take control of your meat preparation process, you’re in the right place. Here I’ll show you how to make ground chicken with meat grinder so that every dish can attain new heights of flavor and freshness.

Grinding your chicken offers numerous advantages. First of all, it allows you to manage the meat’s quality and freshness. You can choose lean cuts, ensuring a healthier option for your meals. Additionally, grinding your chicken opens the door to a variety of culinary possibilities, from customizing blends to experimenting with unique flavor profiles.

Table Of Contents:

  • Equipment Needed:
  • Choosing the Right Chicken Blend for Ground Chicken
  • How to make ground chicken with meat grinder: Quick Steps
  • How to store ground chicken:
  • Recipes You can make with Ground Chicken
  • Conclusion
  • FAQ’s

Equipment Needed:

  • Manual or electric meat grinder
  • Razor-sharp knife
  • Sturdy cutting board
  • Fresh boneless chicken breasts or chicken thighs
  • Bowl for collecting the ground chicken

Choosing the Right Chicken Cuts:

Before beginning with How to make ground chicken with meat grinder, begin with selecting boneless and skinless chicken. The key to successful preparation is choosing the right cuts of chicken. Mixing the two cuts can also produce a balanced flavor profile. Trim any excess fat to prevent clogging and enhance the overall quality of your ground chicken.

When making your own ground chicken, the advantage lies not only in availability but also in the freedom to select your preferred chicken blend. Opting for a combination of boneless skinless chicken breasts and thighs is recommended, as it ensures a balanced texture and flavor. Below are examples of blends along with their lean to fat ratios, expressed as percentages:

The advantage lies in availability and the freedom to select your preferred chicken blend when making your ground chicken. The best recommendation is to use a cut-up combination of breast and wing meat to achieve a perfect texture and flavor. Below are examples of blends along with their lean-to-fat ratios, expressed as percentages:

Chicken BlendProtein (g)Fat (g)Lean Ratio
5 lbs of chicken breast5202099% lean
3 lbs of chicken breast with 2 lbs of thighs4887697% lean
2 lbs of chicken breast with 3 lbs of thighs47210495% lean
5 lbs of chicken thighs44016093% lean

These ratios are calculated by dividing the grams of fat by the total weight (5 pounds or 2,240 grams). Feel free to experiment with other chicken parts to create blends with varying fat content according to your preferences.

How to make ground chicken with meat grinder: A Quick Guide

1. Gather the Equipment:

  • Meat grinder (manual or electric)
  • Sharp knife
  • Cutting board
  • Fresh chicken breasts or boneless chicken thighs
  • Bowl for collecting ground chicken

2. Prepare the Chicken:

  • Trim excess fat or skin from chicken breasts or thighs.
  • Cut chicken into small, grinder-friendly pieces.
  • Ensure chilled, not completely frozen, chicken for easy grinding.

3. Set up the Meat Grinder:

  • Assemble according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Attach the appropriate grinding plate for desired texture.
  • Place a bowl beneath the grinder’s spout to collect ground chicken.

4. Start Grinding:

  • Feed chicken pieces into the grinder’s feeding tube.
  • Use the plunger to guide the chicken through at a steady pace.
  • Maintain a consistent grind for optimal results.
    • That’s how to make ground chicken with meat grinder

5. Collect the Ground Chicken:

  • Ground chicken will exit the grinder into the bowl.
  • Check consistency and adjust the grinding plate if necessary.
  • Continue grinding until all chicken pieces are processed.
    • Finally, this is how to make ground chicken with meat grinder.

Tips for Maintaining Your Meat Grinder:

If it’s properly maintained, both the meat grinder itself and your ground chicken will last. After each use, disassemble the grinder and clean all parts thoroughly. Some components may be dishwasher-safe, while others require handwashing. Regularly inspect the blade and grinding plates for signs of wear and replace them as needed. For cleaning and sharpening read our guide:

How to store ground chicken:

  • You can store ground chicken in an airtight container in the fridge in the same way you would store a whole chicken breast.
  • You can also freeze ground chicken in a resealable plastic bag.

Variety of Recipes You can make with Ground Chicken:

After completing a brief guide on how to make ground chicken with meat grinder. Let’s move to a variety of recipes that can be made from ground chicken, such as:

Chicken Burgers with Avocado Mayo:

 The spice-seasoned ground chicken patty is pan-fried or grilled to perfection. Sprinkle with a creamy orange avocado-lime juice mayo made from ripe avocados, lime, and some garlic for an extra flavor lift.

Spicy Chicken Meatballs:

 Combine ground chicken with a mix of spices, breadcrumbs, and egg, then shape into meatballs. Cook in a spicy tomato-based sauce for a kick of heat. Serve as an appetizer or over pasta for a hearty meal.

Chicken and Veggie Stir-Fry:

This nutritious meal is a blend of deceivingly quick stir-fried ground chicken with bell peppers and broccoli along with snap peas. Then, add in your favorite stir-fry sauce to give it some tang.

Homemade Chicken Bolognese:

Sauté ground chicken with onions, garlic, and Italian herbs. Simmer in a tomato sauce until rich and flavorful. Spoon over al dente pasta and finish with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese.

Chicken Lettuce Wraps:

Brown ground chicken with garlic, ginger, and soy sauce, then spoon the savory mixture into crisp lettuce leaves. Add toppings like chopped peanuts, green onions, and hoisin sauce for an authentic touch.

Mediterranean Chicken Meatball Skewers:

Craft ground chicken meatballs with Mediterranean-inspired spices like oregano and cumin. Thread onto skewers and grill until golden. Serve with tzatziki for a delightful burst of flavors.

Stuffed Bell Peppers with Ground Chicken:

Mix ground chicken in cooked rice, mixed with diced tomatoes and aromatic spices. Remember to stuff the mixture into pumpkin sections, bake, and eat to your heart’s content.

Thai Basil Chicken Bowls:

Stir-fry ground chicken with Thai basil, garlic, and chili for a deliciously fragrant dish. Serve over rice or noodles and garnish with fresh herbs and lime for an authentic Thai experience.

Chicken Taco Salad:

Brown ground chicken with taco seasoning, and layer a colorful salad made of lettuce plus tomatoes, corn kernels, and black beans. Sprinkle this with the seasoned chicken and cover in a fresh lime dressing.

Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Cups:

Stir-fried ground chicken with buffalo sauce. Spoon into crunchy cups made out of lettuce and top with chopped celery. Add a dollop of blue cheese dressing for the salty, light-flavored bite.


In conclusion to this knowledge, you’ve mastered how to make ground chicken with meat grinder and take your cooking to new heights. For both professional chefs and average house cooks who want to add a bit of variety to their cooking, ground chicken offers various possibilities.

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Can I grind chicken in a meat grinder?

Yes, you can grind chicken in a meat grinder. It’s a common and convenient method to make ground chicken at home. Cut the chicken into small pieces that will fit in the feed tube of each grinder for easier grinding.

Can you make your own ground chicken?

Absolutely! Making your own ground chicken at home is simple. You can use a meat grinder, food processor, or even a knife to finely chop or mince chicken. This allows you to control the quality and fat content of the ground chicken.

Can you make ground chicken with chicken breasts?

Yes, ground chicken can also be made from the breast. White meat is a lot leaner than dark. Then cut them into small pieces and use a meat grinder or mixer grinder to make chicken breasts very fine. If desired, you can mix chicken couple breasts with skin-on thighs for a combo of lean and slightly fatty meat.

Can chicken be minced in a mixer grinder?

Yes, chicken can be minced in a mixer grinder. Cut the chicken into smaller pieces before placing them in the mixer grinder. Pulse the grinder in short bursts to achieve the desired mince consistency. Be cautious not to over-process, as it may turn the chicken into a paste.

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