How to Sharpen meat grinder blades!

Being a meat grinder user, you understand how crucial it is to maintain the sharpness of blades. If the blades are dull, then the meat grinder will not just work properly, and it can be dangerous too. 

There are a few ways that you can sharpen meat grinder blades. In this article, I will show you how to sharpen meat grinder blades the right way using 4 sharpening tools and also tips on how to sharpen a stainless steel blade.

Before coming to the sharping blades, you must know what accessories you should have:

Supplies you need:

  • Gloves
  • A clean Piece of Cloth
  • Screw Driver 
  • Water 

 Now, coming towards to role of Accessories, 

Role of supplies:


Before you start the process of sharpening blades, wear gloves. Wearing gloves is a preventative measure to take before sharpening meat grinder blades. By doing so, you reduce the risk of accidental cuts. It also helps keep the hands and blades clean and bacteria-free.

A Clean Piece of Cloth:

You have to arrange a piece of cloth to clean a meat grinder blades the cloth usage is to remove any debris or grease from the blade, and it is also help to create a smooth, consistent edge to the blades. Don’t first loose the blades from grinder, first gather everything that you need then go and remove the blades. 

Screw Driver:

You need a screw driver to unscrew the blades and plates that are attached with the meat grinder. Screw driver is needed because without screw driver you will not able to get the blades out of the meat grinder. 

The screw driver will allow the user to loosen the screws that hold the blades in place. Once the screws are loosened, the blades can be removed and replaced as needed.


After sharpening meat grinder blades wash the blades in order to remove any metal shavings or particles that may be on the blade. This helps to keep the blade clean and free of debris that could potentially damage it. Additionally, water can help to cool the blade down after sharpening, which can help to prolong its lifespan.

Also, after sharpening the meat grinder blades, fix the blades and grinder and wash the grinder. Washing the grinder requires 7 easy steps, which you can see in How to clean a meat grinder

Above accessories are essential before going through the process of sharpening blades. Once you have all the essentials with pick up the best way to sharp the blades; mentioned below.

How to sharpen meat grinder blades using 4 sharpening tools:

There are different methods for sharpening meat grinder blades. I have gathered the 4 most straightforward methods I have used personally and found each compelling. I like a Sharpening Stone and an Electric Blade Sharpener. Here, check out 4 ways that you can employ to sharpen scraper blades easily.

#1: Sandpaper 

Get the blades or plates and start rubbing it on a sandpaper. Hold the blades or plates with a light hand do not rub it faster try to rub the blades normally this is an effective way to sharpen meat grinder blades. Make sure, you are wearing gloves at rubbing process, in case you are not wearing the gloves and your hand got rubbed against the sand paper so you might going to have allergy. 

So, wear the gloves and grab 120 grit sandpaper to sharpen the blades. Move it in a figure-eight pattern to make sure everything gets sharpened evenly. Keep the sandpaper at a 40° – 45° angle and rub it in circular motion for best results. Do this for one time and then tilt the blades and rub the edges too, make sure the blades are being rubbed from all sides. Once you are done, wash the blades, take the screw driver and fix it back to the grinder. 

#2: Sharping stone 

The second method you can use to sharpen meat grinder blades by using a sharping stone you can use diamond stone or 600 Gritstone. Place the stone on the table or any plain surface pick your blade and place it on the stone with gentle hands start rubbing the blade against the stone, you can rub it in a circular motion or back and forth whatever feasible to you. Rub it for 10 minutes and then look for the blade sharp edges, if it is not that sharp you wanted do it again for 10 minutes. This method can be use to sharpen kitchen knives.

#3: Electric Blade sharpener

If you do not want to spend your time with manual methods then you must go for the Electric blade sharpener. You can use Two-stage sharpener it can sharpen meat grinder blades of any kind and the results will leave you astonished. A great a reliable option if you do not want to go through manual ones, just buy an electric blade sharpener put your blade in it and within 5 minutes it will give you the sharped blades.

#4: Grinding Block

This method is more likely of Sandpaper, in this method you have to wet the blades and block with water or oil, once the block is wet place the blade on the block and start moving the blade in a circular motion or back and forth, keep rubbing the blades for at least 10 minutes. After it you will get the sharped blades.

These are the 4 methods through which you can get the sharp blades for the meat grinder.    

How to sharpen a stainless steel blade?

Stainless steel holds an impressive edge when it is sharped properly and correctly, but for this you must be having a right sharpener and a proper guide on how to sharpen meat grinder blades because if you do not know how to do it exactly in this case you might end up destroying your blade. 

Some tips for you on how to sharpen a stainless steel blade: 

1. Start with a clean blade, Remove any debris with a wet cloth. If the blade is very dirty, you may need to start with coarse sandpaper to remove any rust or caked-on dirt.

2. Choose the right type of sharpener for your blade. From Above pick the right type of sharpener for you. 

3. Lastly, be careful not to over sharpen the blade. You want to create a sharp edge, but if you sharpen too much, you’ll end up with a weak and brittle blade that’s more likely to break or chip.

How To Sharpen A Meat Slicer Blade?

Yes, meat slicer blades can be sharpened. However, it is important to note that the type of meat grinder sharpener you are using because it will have a major effect on the blade’s quality. For best results in sharpening meat slicer blade, it is recommended to use a wet stone sharpener. First, you will need to find a suitable location to sharpen your blade from the above methods you pick the best one for you. 


I hope at this point you got to know how to sharpen meat grinder blades properly. This ultimate guide will help you to keep your grinder working properly and efficiently. Above few different methods are discussed to sharpen meat grinder blades, so find the one that works best for you and your grinder.

You might be wondering about knives, so our guide is how often to sharpen knives.

Looking for a meat grinder for home use? Read the guide Best Meat Grinder for home use.


Can you sharpen a stainless steel blade?

It is possible to sharpen a stainless steel blade, though it requires more care than sharpening a carbon steel blade. Stainless steel is tougher than carbon steel, so it holds an edge longer. However, it is also more brittle, so it is more likely to chip if not sharpened properly.

The first step in sharpening a stainless steel blade is to select the right type of abrasive.

How to Care for Meat Grinder Blades to Maintain Sharpness?

Here are a few things you can do to care for your meat grinder blades and keep them sharp. First, make sure to clean the blades after each use. This will remove any build-up of meat or fat that can dull the blades over time. Second, sharpen the blades regularly with a 600 Gritstone or other sharpening tool. This will help to keep the blades sharp and ensure they stay in good condition.

Difference between Meat Grinder Blade and Plate?

The main difference between a meat grinder blade and a plate is the size of the holes. The meat grinder blade is the cylindrical metal piece with sharp teeth, which results in a finer grind. On the contrary, the grinder plate has larger holes, which produces a coarser grind. Another difference is that the blade is serrated, while the plate is not. This means that the blade will stay sharper for longer, but it can be more difficult to clean. When considering what size meat grinder do i need, understanding these differences can help you choose the right grinder for your needs.

Do You Need to Sharpen Meat Grinder Plate Along with the Blades?

For the better results you are advised to keep all aspects of your meat grinder cleaned and sharped. The better result includes the sharped blades and the plates. Whereas, the blades are responsible for cutting the meat, while the plate helps to push the meat through the grinder. If either of these elements is not sharped, it will not provide you that desired result.

The best way to sharpen your meat grinder blades and plate is with a sharpening stone mentioned above.

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