How to stuff sausage with a meat grinder – 8 easy steps

how to stuff sausage with a meat grinder

Using a meat grinder to stuff sausages is a quick and easy technique to make homemade sausages. I have been using meat grinder for nearly a decade now.

In this article I will guide you step by step to how to stuff sausage with a meat grinder. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting started:

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  • How to stuff sausage with a meat grinder: 8 easy steps
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Before getting started with how to stuff sausage with a meat grinder, you need some supplies to start the show.

Materials Required:

1. A meat grinder, either electric or manual, with a sausage stuffing attachment.

2. Natural or synthetic sausage casings.

3. Ground meat combo (seasoned and ready to make sausage).

4. Sausage stuffer tube (usually included with grinder attachments).

How to stuff sausage with a meat grinder: 8 easy steps

1. Prepare the Casings:

Soak natural casings in warm water for an hour to soften and remove excess salt. Allow them to run water through them after properly rinsing them.

 Check the precise directions provided on the packing if utilizing synthetic casings.

2. Attach the Sausage Stuffer Tube:

Remove the grinder head and cutting blade if your meat grinder has a sausage stuffing attachment. Attach the sausage stuffer tube to the grinder’s head or, if available, the separate sausage stuffing attachment. Sensitive part in How to stuff sausage with a meat grinder.

3. Place the ground meat in the grinder:

 Check that your ground meat mixture is ready and seasoned according to the directions on your sausage recipe.

 Load the ground beef into the hopper of the meat grinder.

4. Load the Casing:

Slide the open end of the sausage casing onto the sausage stuffer tube, leaving some excess casing to tie later.

5. Begin stuffing:

Start the meat grinder and feed the ground beef mixture into the hopper. The ground meat will be pressed through the sausage stuffer tube and into the casing as it is ground.

Allow the sausage to fill and form the required length by guiding the filled casing off the stuffer tube with one hand. Leave enough room at the ends to knot them off.

6. Tie off the Sausages:

Twist or tie off the sausages at appropriate intervals, usually every 4-6 inches, to form individual sausage links.

7. Repeat as Necessary:

Continue stuffing and tying off sausages until you’ve used up all of the meat mixture or casings.

8. Store or Cook:

If you aren’t going to cook the sausages right away, store them in the refrigerator or freezer. They can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days or frozen for longer periods of time.

That’s all for How to stuff sausage with a meat grinder. You used a meat grinder with a sausage stuffing attachment to successfully stuff sausages. Homemade sausages offer limitless flavor options and are a gratifying culinary endeavor.

Points to Remember!

Here are some important points you need to remember for How to stuff sausage with a meat grinder.

1. Keep everything cool, including the meat and grinder parts, to avoid fat smearing.

2. Select casings that correspond to your stuffer tube and sausage kind.

3. Soak and rinse natural casings thoroughly to eliminate excess salt.

4. Use vegetable oil to lubricate the stuffer tube for smoother casing sliding.

5. Season your meat mixture thoroughly and distribute it evenly.

6. Do not overfill casings to avoid bursting during cooking.

7. Fill casings evenly and without air pockets by working gently and steadily.

8. Securely tie off sausages with tight knots to prevent filling leakage.

9. Practice and patience are essential; sausage filling becomes better with practice.

10. Clean the grinder and attachments immediately after use to avoid residue buildup. Learn how to clean a meat grinder properly.


Finally, sausage stuffing with a meat grinder is a skill that rewards patience and practice. You can ensure how to stuff sausage with a meat grinder by following these crucial steps.

To avoid frequent hazards like as overfilling or casing bursts, keep the environment chilly, use appropriate casings, season your mixture meticulously, and work calmly.


Can I stuff sausages with any meat grinder?

Not all meat grinders are adequate for stuffing sausages. Meat grinder with a sausage stuffing attachment or a separate sausage stuffing machine will be required. These attachments usually contain a stuffer tube for guiding the meat mixture into the casings. Check to see if your grinder includes this attachment or if it is compatible with one. Especially know about how to make sausage with electric meat grinder.

What kind of casings should I use for sausage stuffing?

Natural or synthetic casings can be used. Natural casings are often formed from animal intestines and give sausages a classic texture and flavor. Before use, they must be soaked and rinsed. Synthetic casings are easier to work with and come in a variety of colors.

Should I season the meat mixture before stuffing the sausages?

Yes, seasoning the ground pork mixture before stuffing sausages is essential. Seasonings, spices, and flavorings are critical for giving your sausages a distinct flavor. Before dumping the meat into the grinder for stuffing, carefully combine and season it.

Can I stuff sausages without using a sausage stuffer?

While it is feasible to stuff sausages without a sausage stuffer attachment, it is more difficult and inefficient. Better control and a smoother stuffing procedure are provided by the specific attachment or a separate sausage stuffer machine. If you try to stuff sausages without these tools, you may end up with irregularly filled casings.

How do I properly tie off the sausages?

 To tie off sausages, leave some excess casing at the end, gently twist the sausage to produce links of the desired length, and bind with a knot or kitchen twine at the ends of each link. To prevent the filling from spilling out at the same time as cooking, make sure they are well sealed. Practice and perseverance are essential for effectively mastering the technique of tying sausages.

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