What Is Counter Depth Refrigerator – Definitive Guide 2023

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Counter depth refrigerator models are built on a smaller scale, typically these refrigerators are 30-36 inches wide (76.2 to 91.4 cm), 24 -30 inches deep (61 to 76.2 cm), 66-72 inches tall (155 to 183).

Most of the people often ask what is the size of a counter depth refrigerator. The size of these refrigerators are less than the standard refrigerators. This is why the size of counter depth refrigerators is perfect for a kitchen or any area that does not have enough space for a standard refrigerator.

In this article you will get your all answers regarding what is counter depth refrigerator, pros of counter depth refrigerator, measurements, and so forth.

So, let’s discuss what is counter depth refrigerator.

What is counter depth refrigerator?

A counter depth refrigerator is a unique kind of refrigerator made to fit with typical kitchen counters and cabinetry, giving the room a sleek and integrated look.

Counter-depth versions are smaller than regular refrigerators, often around 24-30 inches deep, allowing them to lie flush with the surrounding cabinets for a seamless appearance.

Regular refrigerators protrude into the kitchen space. Counter-depth refrigerators frequently feature a little less storage space than their deeper counterparts despite having a more streamlined appearance.

Despite this, they are still a common option for homeowners looking for a luxurious and contemporary kitchen design while giving up some interior space for aesthetics. This is what does counter depth refrigerator mean.

What is “Counter Depth,” and what does it mean for your kitchen?

The word “counter depth” gives us a brief certain size for kitchen appliances, particularly refrigerators. (The answer to what does counter depth mean)  

Counter-depth refrigerators are considerably shallower, about 24-30 inches deep, although normal refrigerators can extend past the counter line.

The benefit of a counter-depth refrigerator is that it may easily fit into your kitchen design. It doesn’t protrude, resulting in a smoother flow and giving the impression that the kitchen is larger.

It is critical to do not forget, though, that counter depth refrigerators often function a little less in inner storage space than their deeper counterparts and that’s what does counter depth refrigerator mean.

You will want to weigh this change off when choosing one for your kitchen. These are some of the factors you should know about what is counter depth refrigerator.  

However, for the glossy, contemporary aesthetic and advanced application that a counter-depth fridge can convey to their kitchen spaces, many homeowners are organized to give up a little storage space.

What is the difference between counter-depth and standard depth?

Counter depth refrigerator vs standard, there is no right answer for which sort of counter depth refrigerator is best whether standard refrigerator depth or counter-depth. It all comes all of the manner right down to what you need and want in a refrigerator.

If you are seeking out more area, a counter-depth refrigerator may be the proper choice for you. On the alternative hand, in case you don’t mind having a smaller fridge, a standard depth refrigerator can be better for you. Below in guide you will better get to know what is counter depth refrigerator.

Which is better standard depth or counter-depth refrigerator?

A standard depth refrigerator is the most common type of refrigerator and typically sits on the floor. These refrigerators are usually about 18 inches deep, but can be as deep as 24 inches. They come in a variety of sizes and can hold a lot of food.

A counter-depth refrigerator is a type of refrigerator that is below the countertop and can be deep up to 36 inches.

The refrigerators measure around 28 inches in width, and take much less space to occupy compared to a conventional deep refrigerator. The traditional refrigerators are heavier, hence more difficult to move, because of their larger size that may not be compatible with most doorways.

Picking the appropriate fridge size for your kitchen simply has no exact answer. The response to this question will depend on several variable just like the question what is counter depth refrigerator. There are many questions over which the answer will depend such as how your kitchen is lay out, the size of room and individual’s preferences.

What’s the difference between counter-depth and built-in refrigerators?

Counter Depth RefrigeratorBuilt-in Refrigerator
Depth: ShallowDepth: Standard or custom depth
Installation: FreestandingInstallation: Designed to fit with cabinets
Appearance: Flush with countertopsAppearance: Seamless integration with kitchen cabinetry.

Counter-depth refrigerators have a sleek, integrated appearance without projecting, and are made to fit with typical counters. Although they are freestanding, they typically have a shallower depth of 24-30 inches. This is not enough to get to know what is counter depth refrigerator answer to this question has much more than the width only.

Contrarily, built-in refrigerators are specially made to fit flush with kitchen cabinets and seamlessly within cabinetry. They frequently include panels that match the cabinets and can be completely incorporated into the design of the kitchen.

The main distinction is that built-in refrigerators are fully tailored to merge completely into the architecture of the kitchen, typically at a greater cost, while counter-depth refrigerators are freestanding with a more modest integration.

What are counter-depth refrigerator dimensions?

Counter depth refrigerator dimensions generally characteristic an intensity ranging from 24 to 30 inches (61 to 76.2 cm) that is shallower than standard refrigerators.

This layout lets in counter depth refrigerators to align with the depth of standard kitchen counter tops, growing an additional streamlined and integrated appearance for your kitchen. To make a difference between counter depth and standard depth you must know what is counter depth refrigerator.  

The width and height of these regular refrigerators can range extensively relying on the brand and model, but they are normally just like standard refrigerator widths, which often variety from 30 to 36 inches (76.2 to 91.4cm) and 66 to 72 inches tall (155 to 183).

It’s crucial to check the counter depth refrigerators dimensions to make sure it suits your kitchen area seamlessly.

What is the standard kitchen countertop depth?

The standard kitchen countertop depth in maximum residential kitchens is approximately 24 inches (61cm). This intensity allows for comfortable meals guidance and provides adequate space for numerous kitchen obligations. It’s a sensible measurement that has end up widely common in kitchen layout.

However, kitchen countertop depths can range depending on factors like personal choice and unique kitchen designs. Some owners may also pick to have counter tops that are barely deeper, starting from 25 to 26 inches, to deal with larger home equipment or provide additional workspace.

In business kitchens, countertop depths may additionally differ to meet the desires of professional cooks and the unique gadget used. Standard depth and counter depth both are different refrigerators, thoroughly I will be discussing over what is counter depth refrigerator. 

Ultimately, the selection of countertop depth have to recollect your cooking habits, the dimensions of your kitchen, and the appliances you intend to put in. It’s important to strike a stability among functionality and aesthetics to create a kitchen that fits your desires and fashion possibilities.

Do you lose space with a counter-depth refrigerator?

Yes, counter depth refrigerator can result in some reduction of internal storage space as compared to standard-depth refrigerators. But because it is meant to fit into the cabinetry of kitchens the space becomes very limited.

There has however been wider and taller versions and a question what is counter depth refrigerator and are they made just to even out on space for storing? Nevertheless, different brands have different levels of space losses and therefore it is wise to check specifications of the product to make sure its size will fit your particular kitchen setup and required storage capacities.

Are all counter depth refrigerators the same size?

No, not all Counter Depth Refrigerators are the same size. However, most of the counter depth refrigerators are 24-30 inches deep (61 to 76.2 cm), 30-36 inches wide (76.2 to 91.4 cm), 66-72 inches tall (155 to 183).

The Pros and Cons of a Counter-Depth Refrigerator

AppealingLimited storage capacity
Space-saving designHigher Price
Blends with cabinetrySmaller freezer space

How deep is a counter depth refrigerator?

A counter-depth refrigerator typically has a depth of around 24 -30 inches deep (61 to 76.2 cm), which is shallower than standard-depth refrigerators, designed to align with kitchen countertops.

How to measure for a counter-depth refrigerator?

To measure a counter depth refrigerator or if you want to know how deep is a counter depth refrigerator. First measure the width and height of the gap wherein you need to place the refrigerator. Make sure the dimension must be 30-36 inches for width and 66-72 inches for the height.

To measure for a counter-depth refrigerator, you need to measure the width, height, depth of the available space, as well as clearance for ventilation and door swing.

Now as you got the answer of what is counter depth refrigerator now the next step is that you must consider measuring depth, width, height of the available space in order to measure for a counter-depth refrigerator. It is also required to assess distance between other appliances, cabinets or doors for ventilation and safe door swing. You can also read our depth guide on how to measure a fridge.

Things you need to measure counter-depth refrigerator

  • Measuring Tape
  • Paper

1.Measure the depth of your countertops:

Measure the depth of your countertop, how to measure the depth of your countertop, measuring the depth of your countertop, measure the depth of countertop

To calculate the depth of your countertops, measure the width and depth of your kitchen countertop. Then calculate how much space is between the edge of your kitchen countertop and the side of the refrigerator. This is the important factor you should know in what is counter depth refrigerator and how to measure it.

The distance between the countertop kitchen edge and refrigerator side is significant because it determines how much room you will have inside the fridge for groceries and other items.

2.Measure the width of your cabinet:

measure the width of your cabinet, measuring the width of your countertop, measure the width, measuring the width of your countertop, the width of your countertop, What is counter depth refrigerator

Now that you know how much space is between the edge of your kitchen countertop and the side of refrigerator, you need to determine the width of your cabinet cutout.

After knowing what is counter depth refrigerator now, you can measure the width of your cabinet cutout, first you need to identify the hole in your wall that the refrigerator will be hanging on. To do this, measure the depth of the hole and subtract ½ (0.5) inch from the measurement. This number is your measurement for “H” (on our diagram below) 

Now that you have calculated “H”, you can measure the height of your refrigerator by multiplying “H” by 2.4 (the height of a standard adult). This number is your measurement for “W” (Width) (on our diagram below) this number will give you an estimate of how much space is inside the fridge for groceries and other items.

3.Measure the height from your floor to upper cabinets:

Measure the height from your floor to the upper cabinet, measurements for counter depth refrigerator, measuring height for counter depth refrigerator, measure the floor height for counter depth refrigerator, measure height from upper cabinet counter depth refrigerator

If you want to measure the height from your floor to upper cabinets, you need to remove one of the cabinets in your kitchen and use it as a reference. As to the question of what is counter depth refrigerator the measurement of height is quite interesting just mark the floor where the cabinets were and then measure up from that point to the top of the cabinet accurately.  

Now that you have measured and got to know what is counter depth refrigerator so now you can determine the dimensions of the models you are considering, it is time to compare them and select the best fit. Use these tips as a help to make your selection.

What are the different styles of refrigerators?

In answer to question what is counter depth refrigerator? There are many different styles of refrigerators. Some of them are:

Side-by-side refrigerator:

A side-by-side refrigerator is one of the best counter depth refrigerator in the list and I prefer to discover it for getting answer to what is counter depth refrigerator. Side-by-side is a type of refrigerator that is arranged on the same side of the kitchen as the countertop. This type of refrigerator has two sliding doors that open from the side. You can easily access the food and beverages inside the refrigerator.

A next to each other cooler is a design of a refrigerator that is arranged on a similar plane as your kitchen worktop. Its two sliding entryways award simple admittance to all your food and drink necessities, while offering more noteworthy accommodation within reach!

Top or bottom loading refrigerator:

The desire among a Top-loading and bottom-loading fridge freezer compartment depends on your options and wishes. It is one the highly in demand counter depth refrigerator with ice maker. Top-loading freezers, discovered in traditional top-freezer fridges, are budget-friendly and offer an extensive, open area for frozen gadgets. They are handy for gaining access to ordinary frozen goods however may also require bending to reach sparkling meals in the refrigerator phase.

In contrast, bottom-loading counter depth freezer, observed in top counter depth freezer refrigerator and French door counter depth refrigerator, offer eye-stage get admission to clean meals, making it less difficult to prepare and retrieve items. They also usually offer greater storage alternatives inside the fridge phase. The choice hinges on whether or not you prioritize clean get entry to frozen or clean gadgets and your kitchen format options.

French door counter depth refrigerator:

A French door counter depth refrigerator is a type of refrigerator that has two sliding doors that open from the side. This type of refrigerator has more storage space than a standard counter depth refrigerator because the interior of the fridge is below the countertop. This allows more space for food and other items.

Undercounter refrigerator:

An undercounter refrigerator is a compact and flexible appliance designed to in shape below countertops and undercounter is stainless steel refrigerator counter depth, supplying handy access to chilled garage in diverse settings. Typically measuring round 24 inches in width and with a shallow depth, these fridges are perfect for kitchens, bars, or leisure regions.

They are available in diverse configurations, which includes unmarried-door, twin-region wine coolers, and drawers, catering to unique garage desires. Undercounter refrigerators are regularly used to keep liquids, snacks, or overflow groceries, making them perfect for growing extra cold storage in spaces where a complete-sized fridge won’t be sensible. Their sleek layout and customizable panels additionally allow them to mixture seamlessly with cabinetry for a seamless look. For your convenience we’ve also provided a guide on best undercounter refrigerator.

Quad door refrigerators

For instance, quad door refrigerators are referred as four-door refrigerators, which offer an advanced storage system for different kind of food whether it is fresh or frozen. In the list and style of what is counter depth refrigerator this refrigerator has a great charm. Quad door has an extraordinary appearance including two fridge door on the top, 2 freezers at the bottom.

Such a layout makes it easier for persons to get into each of the two compartments while reducing on the losses of cold air leading to high energy efficiency. The quad door fridge is often loaded with additional compartments such as humid controlled drawer, adjustable shelf, and advance items of ice and water dispenser.

Freezer drawer compartments are ideal for organizing frozen foods. Quad door refrigerators provide wide, easy-to-customize cooling units that are in high demand as features of modern kitchens.

Which Option is Right for You?

Choosing the right refrigerator choice depends to your unique needs and kitchen format. If you value area efficiency and a graceful appearance, a counter depth refrigerator is the best.

For traditionalists who decide on a conventional format, top or bottom loading refrigerator reliable choices. Side-via-aspect and French door refrigerators provide a balance among sparkling and frozen garage, catering to diverse circle of relatives sizes. But again before choosing the right one, you must know what is a counter depth refrigerator.

Undercounter fridges are high-quality for supplementary storage in compact areas. Quad door refrigerators provide flexible company with smooth get entry to.

Consider your storage necessities, available space, and preferred functions to make a knowledgeable preference, as each fashion gives unique blessings to beautify your kitchen and lifestyle. Whether a countertop refrigerator is best or an undercounter refrigerator.

Why are counter-depth fridges so expensive?

Counter depth fridges have a tendency to be extra expensive than standard-depth models for several reasons.

First, counter depth fridge layout involves specialized engineering to in shape flush with kitchen cabinetry that could increase manufacturing fees.

Second, the compact length regularly leads to decreased storage ability in comparison to standard models, making them less cost-powerful in phrases of area.

Further, for counter-intensity refrigerators, premiums’ function is considered and they often consist of high-end finishing off, superior features and smart technology that also increases price.

Those seeking an integrated appearance in their kitchens find an added advantage besides aesthetics and space economy and are thus prepared to shell out for the ‘counter-intensive’ refrigerators that boost their market price more.


What is typical counter-depth for a fridge? 

If you don’t know much about what is counter depth refrigerator then you must know that it a typical depth refrigerator counter which is about 28 inches wide and up to 36 inches deep.

Do you lose space with a counter-depth refrigerator?

See if you do not have much space in your kitchen then a counter-depth refrigerator may be the best option for you. Counter-depth refrigerators are made up for these small places.

How long should a refrigerator last?

The question that arises how long does a refrigerator last, it depends on a variety of factors, including how often the refrigerator is used, the type of food stored in it, and the care taken while it is being used. In general, a refrigerator should last around 10 to 12 years.

What is a good counter-depth?

There is no one answer to this question as the best counter-depth refrigerator will depend on your needs and preferences. A typical counter-depth refrigerator is about 28 inches wide and 36 inches deep.

Which brand is number 1 in refrigerator?

GE’s and Samsung’s refrigerators are highly regarded for their dependability and reliability. Their French door models possess an array of features such as a water dispenser, an ice maker, striking interior design elements including a door-in-door design plus Wi-Fi connectivity and temperature control capabilities – all serving to make them stand out in the marketplace!

Do bottom freezer refrigerators have more problems?

Bottom freezer refrigerators are not as common as top freezer refrigerators, but they do exist. Bottom freezer refrigerators tend to have a higher failure rate than top freezer refrigerators. This is because the compressor in a bottom freezer refrigerator is located below the floor and is more likely to fail.

Is counter-depth fridge cheaper?

No, however, counter depth refrigerators do not always cost less that the well-known standard depth models. The counter-depth design, which is often advanced in engineering and configuration, molds it to blend into the shelves of your kitchen for that built-in appearance. Therefore, the cost of this product may be high relative to other traditional designs.

This cost differential varies with different brands and specifications. However, customers typically expect to spend a premium price for the flashy counter depth refrigerator models that occupy less space in a kitchen setting.

Do you lose a lot of space with counter-depth refrigerator?

They give a smoother appearance in the kitchen by fitting with the cabinets, counter-depth refrigerators.

Nevertheless, counter depth refrigerators are usually smaller in terms of interior storage than standard-depth models. Above in the section what is counter depth refrigerator dimension all dimensions are mentioned. The variances of capacities may differ depending on the type of brand or the particular model. To mitigate such loss of floor space, some counter-depth models have extra depth and height.

You need to verify product’s specifications and estimate whether convenience and room saving are of greater importance than possible contraction of storing place.

How much does a counter-depth refrigerator cost?

As for a counter- depth refrigerator price varies with respect to the brand, size and other additional features the costs are usually around $1,500 – $3,500 or higher.

The cost of high end or premium brand could be even higher. When you are shopping for a model, it is necessary to go through all models available in order to determine what model meets exactly your budgetary and other requirements.

Do I want standard or counter-depth refrigerator?

It all boils down to what you want. If you were after sleek, inbuilt looks and had the money, then counter-depth refrigerators would be the way to go. It is highly effective in today’s contemporary kitchens. The debate of counter depth refrigerator vs standard never ends.

In contrast, if you put much consideration in storage capacity while economical, then traditional depth refrigerator provides more room for your purchases. Take into account of your available space and design inclination as you choose either one.

Are counter depth refrigerators less reliable?

Reliability of the counter-depth type refrigerators does not naturally differ between fashionable-intensity and other types since it is based on the brand chosen.

How do I find a counter depth refrigerator that is actually counter depth?

Pretend like the exact depth of “real” counter-depth refrigerator is measured because this thing supposed to be bought within some specific distance!


Some Factors to Consider While Selecting Refrigerator. What makes the best will be determined by such aspects as the set-up of your kitchenette, your space availability, and your likes or dislikes.

In the final analysis, you are the one who decides what suits you. In fact, this article should help to answer the question of what is counter depth refrigerator. Furthermore, any additional question is welcome; you just need to write it in a comment and I shall respond.

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