How To Sharpen Scissors With Knife Sharpener- 5 Ultimate Methods

how to sharpen scissors with knife sharpener

Scissors have many uses in homes, however, they become dull and impossible to use. Did you know that instead of buying another pair, a knife sharpener can sharpen your scissors? Don’t worry i have done the ultimate methods and steps for you on how to sharpen scissors with a knife sharpener.

I have conducted much research and implemented it practically in our guide. I went through experts and some trials to give you a definite list that guides you on how to sharpen scissors with knife sharpener believing in our precise guidance to revive your cutlery.

Table Of Contents:

  • Importance of sharp scissors:
  • Some recommendations before sharpening scissors:
  • Methods how to sharpen scissors with knife sharpener:
  • Conclusion
  • FAQ’S

Importance of Sharp scissors:

– Sharp scissors are crucial for clean cuts and precision.

– Scissors that are not sharp might cause edges to fray and make it difficult to cut various materials.

Some recommendations before sharpening scissors:

1.  Select the Proper Sharpener:

Seek out a knife sharpener with a hole made specifically for scissors. A specific slot for sharpening scissors is included in certain multipurpose sharpeners.

2.  Prepare the Scissors:

Clean off any dirt, debris or adhesive from the blade of the scissors. This will make it easier to sharpen them. It’s an important step in how to sharpen scissors with knife sharpener.  

3.  Open the Scissors:

Fully swing open the scissors to reveal both blades in their entirety.

4.  Insert into the Slot:

Place the scissors’ blades in the knife sharpener’s corresponding slot. Ensure that the blades are correctly positioned and firmly engaged in the slot.

5.  Apply Gentle Pressure:

Securely grasp the scissors, then gently push the blades through the slot. The mechanism of the sharpener ought to grind or hone the edges.

6.  Repeat the Process:

You might need to repeat the procedure multiple times, depending on the sharpener and the state of your scissors. Throughout the process, periodically check the blades’ sharpness. This is How to sharpen scissors with knife sharpener

7.  Check for Sharpness:

After a few cuts, thoroughly evaluate the scissor blades’ level of sharpness. By cutting a piece of fabric or paper, you may check the blade’s sharpness. You can make more passes if the blades are becoming better.

8.  Avoid Over-Sharpening:

However, the sharpening should not be excessive as it might make them have a very fragile edge that could soon break off or be too delicate for practical use.

Remember that utilizing a dedicated scissor sharpener is typically a better choice because it guarantees that the special blade geometry of the scissors is preserved. In case you feel that a knife sharpener can hardly be applied to your scissors, or simply want the perfect result possible, then it is worth thinking of using a scissor sharpener made exactly for the reasons of having your scissors sharpened by an experienced scissor assistant.

Let’s delve into the heart of the article by providing a comprehensive step-by-step guide to how to sharpen scissors with knife sharpener. Detail each step carefully, ensuring that the reader can follow along easily. Include tips and common mistakes to avoid during the process.

Methods how to sharpen scissors with knife sharpener:

Method 1: Using a scissor sharpener:

– Look for a specialized scissor sharpener that is made to keep the blades of scissors at the right angle and form.

– Clean the scissor’s blades of dust, debris, or adhesive traces to ensure that the sharpening process flows smoothly.  

– Fully swing open the scissors to reveal both blades in their entirety.

– It is important to read and stick strictly by the manufacturer’s instructions when using sharpeners.  

– Insert the scissor blades into the specified slot on the sharpener and use the suggested method. To grind or hone the edges, you often need to close and open the scissors while using light pressure.

Method 2: Using a handheld knife sharpener:

– Gather the necessary materials: a handheld knife sharpener and your dull scissors.

– Take a knife sharpener with one hand and hold it firmly while holding the scissors in the other.

– Properly position the scissors blades on the sharpening slot of your knife sharpener.

– Slowly and gently slide the scissors through the slot, applying light pressure.

– Repeat this process several times until the blades become sharp.

Method 3:  Aluminum foil is used temporary fix:

– Make a numerous layers, fold a sheet of aluminum foil several times. The foil needs to be thick enough to resist being sliced through.

-Using the scissors, cut through the folded aluminum foil while holding it in place. The cutting movement will help sharpen the edges and remove some debris from the blades.

-Use paper or cloth to evaluate the scissors’ cutting ability after slicing the foil. Remember that using this technique will only temporarily alleviate the problem and won’t completely sharpen the scissors.

It’s crucial to remember that the best approach to get repeatable and efficient results is to use a specialist scissor sharpening.

This is discussed in how to sharpen scissors with knife sharpener that includes the aluminum foil technique which can only be used for quick touch-ups instead of a long term cure for keeping your scissors sharp.  

Method 4: Using an electric knife sharpener: 

– Ensure you have an electric knife sharpener and your dull scissors.

– Plug in the electric knife sharpener and turn it on.

– Hold the scissors by the handles and insert one blade at a time into the appropriate sharpening slot.

– Use the electric knife sharpener according to manufacturer instructions.

– Run the blades through the slot a few times, applying moderate pressure.

– Open the Handled Scissors and test their sharpness on a piece of paper or fabric.

Method 5: Using a whetstone:

– Take your blunt scissors, a whetstone, and water.

– Wet the whetstone with water and set it on a stable area.

– Hold the scissors’ handles and place one blade at a 20° angle on the whetstone.

– Slide the scissors back and forth on the length of the whetstone, keeping in line with this angle.

– Repeat this process on the other blade.

– Keep on sharpening until the blades are sharp enough for use.


A knife sharpener can also be used to sharpen scissors. You can accomplish this by carrying out the easy actions we have listed in this post.

When carrying out these processes, be sure to take your time and go gently because haste can result in blunders and a pair of scissors that aren’t properly sharpened.

I hope I covered all your questions regarding How to sharpen scissors with knife sharpener.

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How do you sharpen scissors with a rod sharpener?

To Sharpen the scissors with a rod sharpener, open them up and slide each blade along the rod sharpener at one angle, repeating this action until they re-sharp.

Does cutting tin foil sharpen scissors?

Yes, the process of cutting tin foil can help clean up the small nicks and burrs on the blade edges. Nonetheless, should you require more comprehensive sharpening, a dedicated sharpening solution is in order.

How do you sharpen scissors hack?

To use a hack to sharpen scissors, fold sandpaper in half with an abrasive side out. Cut through the sandpaper a couple of times, with both blades lying flat on it. One of the benefits this process has is that it removes dullness and helps to enhance cutting edge.

What is the best way to sharpen shears?

The best way of sharpening shears is a dedicated sharpening item like the sharpening stone or shear sharpener. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the specific sharpener you choose, ensuring an even and precise sharpening process.

How to sharpen scissors with a knife sharpener using a multi-sharpener?

Sharpen scissors using a multi-sharpener with the following steps: Check to have space for scissors on the sharpener. Upon opening the pair of scissors, insert or toss in blades into the appropriate slot. Gently close the scissors while keeping light pressure applied. Act again as many times, to fit in the blades through this slot. Check the sharpness after each pass and make necessary adjustments.

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