How to grind cooked meat without a grinder | 6 easy options

how to grind cooked meat without a grinder

One easiest way to grind cooked meat is, cut meat into smaller pieces & pulse it in a food processor until achieving the desired consistency. Alternatively, finely chopping the meat with a sharp knife or using a mortar and pestle provides effective grinding solutions.

I have been experimental with my meat in my kitchen many times. I tried every new method of how to grind cooked meat without a grinder. My tips and techniques are compiled based on extensive research and practical testing. 

Grinding your meat at home allows you to control the texture, fat content, and overall quality of the final product. Additionally, it opens the door to experimenting with various cuts and blends, offering a personalized touch to your dishes. While a meat grinder is the conventional tool for this task.  In this article, I gave 6 of my favorite methods on how to grind cooked meat without a grinder and also added one genius hack for you.

Table Of Contents:

  • Reasons between Hand-Chopped Meat vs. Store-bought Ground Meat
  • How to grind cooked meat without a grinder: 6 easy options
  • 5 steps to How to grind and store cooked meat
  • One Genius Hack
  • Conclusion
  • FAQ’s

Reasons between Hand-Chopped Meat vs. Store-bought Ground Meat

  • Reason #1: Enhanced TASTE
  • Reason #2: Improved HEALTH Benefits
  • Reason #3: Enhanced PRACTICALITY
  • Reason #4: Greater Precision
  • Reason #5: Unique Characteristics:

Reason #1: Enhanced TASTE

There is an enhanced rich taste of hand-chopped meat as compared to store-bought grounded meat. Chopping the meat by yourself will provide different variations in the dish, and is going to enhance its overall taste and texture. 

Reason #2: Improved HEALTH Benefits

Freshly chopped meat offers more health benefits than minced meat from the store. The homemade ground meat is far better than the preserved one, and we can make sure of the quality of the ground meat.

Reason #3: Enhanced PRACTICALITY

Hand-chopping meat is a practical approach that doesn’t rely on specialized equipment. It’s a technique easily accessible to home cooks, adding a level of convenience to the preparation process.

Reason #4: Greater Precision

The manual process of hand-chopping allows for precise control over the size and consistency of the meat. This level of precision is often challenging to achieve with store-bought ground meat, where uniformity may vary.

Reason #5: Unique Characteristics

Unique Characteristics: One additional advantage of hand-chopped meat lies in the ability to customize the texture and blend of cuts according to personal preferences. This flexibility ensures a unique and tailored result, setting your culinary creations apart.

How to grind cooked meat without a grinder: 6 easy options

Grinding meat without a grinder is possible, but the consistency of grounded meat shall never be similar to that of a specialized grinder. Here are some alternatives that can be used for how to grind cooked meat without a grinder.

1.Food Processor:

A food processor is an excellent substitute for a meat grinder. Cut the cooked meat into smaller pieces, place in a food processor and pulse only a few short bursts until the required consistency is reached. Avoid over processing the meat because doing so could convert it into a paste.

2. Blender:

Firstly, you have to cut the meat into small pieces. After that, add these pieces into a blender and process well properly by using the pulse function. To avoid over-processing, avoid blending for too long.

3. Pestle and Mortar:

You can manually crush small amounts of cooked meat if you have a robust mortar and pestle. This method may be more time-consuming and inefficient for bigger quantities, but it can be used for smaller servings.

4.With a sharp knife:

If you are not having kitchen machines, then use a sharp knife to properly mince cooked meat as it would be required.  This approach is less efficient and may not provide a consistent grind, but it is suitable for small volumes.

5. Hand Mixer:

In a pinch, shred the cooked beef with a hand mixer fitted with beaters or dough hooks. Place the meat in a mixing dish and break it down into smaller bits using a hand mixer on low speed.

6. Graters: 

Some graters, such as box graters with bigger holes, can be used to shred cooked meat into smaller bits. This will not provide a typical grind, but it may be handy for certain foods.

Remember that the texture you produce will be determined by the method you choose to How to grind cooked meat without a grinder and the type of meat you use.

Also, make sure the meat is completely cooked before attempting to grind it. To avoid contamination and guarantee the meat is safe to eat after grinding, always follow proper food safety requirements.

Genius Hack:

Now comes the genius hack for how to grind cooked meat without a grinder. Wrap the cooked meat in a plastic ziplock bag and be sure that you have sealed it properly. Place the meat bag on a surface, then press it down using a round object like a rolling pin. Keep moving the meat until it gets its desired consistency. Repeat the same process with the rest of the meat.

5 steps to How to grind and store cooked meat

Using these five simple methods, you can grind cooked meat without a grinder:

Prepare the Meat:

Make sure the meat has cooled off completely. Before putting the meat to cook, all the bones, skins, and visible fat should be removed. Then the remaining meat should be chopped into smaller pieces to be cooked. This will allow the user to grind more materials in less time by reducing downtime.

Select a Method:

Choose a method from the options available, such as using a food processor, blender, knife, mortar and pestle, or hand mixer.

Process the Meat:

The use of a food processor or blender, process the meat in tiny batches. Pulse in short bursts, paying attention to the texture between pulses. Excessive processing might transform the meat into a paste. If using a knife, mince the meat by finely chopping it.

Monitor Consistency:

Check the consistency of the ground beef regularly to ensure it suits your needs. Adjust the processing time as needed.

Use Right Away or Store:

Once the meat has been ground to your liking, use it in your dish right away, or keep it in an airtight container in the refrigerator for later use. Keep in mind that freshly ground meat has more taste and texture.  

A thorough understanding of this whole process allows you to grind cooked meat without a grinder and extract your desired meat according to the cuisine’s needs (like tacos, pasta sauces, or any other meal).  


To summarize, grinding cooked meat without a specialized grinder is possible by utilizing a variety of options found in most kitchens.

Whether you use a food processor, blender, knife, mortar, and pestle, or hand mixer, the key to achieving the appropriate texture is meticulous preparation, monitoring, and adjustment.

The method used is determined by variables like quantity, texture preference, and the instruments available, allowing you to adapt and create in your culinary endeavors.

I hope you find this article informative as I have tried my best to cover all aspects of How to grind cooked meat without a grinder.

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Can you grind meat after it’s cooked?

Yes, you can grind cooked meat after it’s cooked. While raw meat is often crushed, cooked meat may also be ground to obtain varied textures and tastes. However, the procedure and equipment utilized may differ from grinding raw meat.

How do you grind meat without a grinder?

Grinding meat without a grinder is entirely possible using alternative methods. Some common techniques include using a food processor, blender, mortar and pestle, or even manually chopping the meat with a knife. Each method has its unique approach, offering flexibility based on the tools available in your kitchen.

What can you use instead of a meat grinder?

Several kitchen tools can be used as alternatives to a meat grinder. This may include a food processor, blender, and many others like manual chopping with a knife for different tasks or ingredients. The texture and tool type will determine what consistency to go for.

Can I grind cooked meat in a blender?

Yes, you can grind cooked meat in a blender. You need to make sure that the meat should be in a chilled state but not frozen before placing it in the blender. Blend the mixture for some seconds to get your desired smoothness level. Be aware not to over-process because it can lead towards a paste-like texture.

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